Selected Official Church Documents

The Sixteen Documents of Vatican II

By: Marianne Lorraine Trouve February 20, 2015 2 Comments

The Ecclesial Classics series presents essential documents on topics of vital importance to the life of the Church today. Each volume is dedicated to a particular theme and includes explanatory introductions to the texts. This volume contains a number of documents of the Second Vatican Council with helpful introductions.

  • jmjriz

    Dr.Tonkowich, I thank you for this, your story. I have been hesitant to write up mine until now, but after reading your testimony, I will make it a priority to sent Marcus mine before year’s end. I met Scott Hahn soon after my reversion and a suspect The Lamb’s Supper is somewhere on your bookshelf. I left a piece of my heart in Maryland/Virginia and your story gave me pause to reconsider some of the events of my life from 1990-1997 and to place them in context. God bless you, Mike Rizzio

  • sistermariarobinson

    I smiled when I heard Dr. Tonkowich’s journey today. I, too, went to Bates.
    When I became a Catholic I was completely disowned by my family. Have been a Franciscan Sister for over 35 years. Long story!

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