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Pillar and Bulwark (Novel)

By: Marcus Grodi February 22, 2015 No Comments

A novel by Marcus Grodi, and sequel to How Firm a Foundation.

After nearly losing his life to an assassin, Stephen LaPointe resigned from his pastorate as a Congregational minister. He made this radical decision as the result of a crisis of truth. This decision had many immediate ramifications for his vocation, his career, and most significantly for his marriage and family. Now a year later, no one knows where he is. He has disappeared. Out of love, as well as remorse, several people — an old friend, his estranged wife, and a potential enemy — set out separately to find him. This is a story of conversion — of heart, of mind, and of love.

A Kindle (e-book) version is also available by clicking here.

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The first novel in this series, How Firm a Foundation, is available by clicking here.

Endorsements for Pillar and Bullwark

“Marcus Grodi weaves the web of story with consummate skill and interweaves the threads of theology with seemingly seamless ease. His new novel warms the heart, informs the head and invigorates the spirit.” Joseph Pearce

“Readers of Marcus Grodi’s earlier work will recognize immediately the special touch of this writer, namely, a narrative which, grounded in the common stuff of our mortal life, with all that this means of happiness, sorrow, perplexity, doubt, struggle, and fulfillment, brings the reader on through to what T. S. Eliot called “The Permanent Things.” Deo gratias for that great Pillar and Bulwark.” Dr. Thomas Howard

“A rather famous storyteller once said that fictions are ‘God’s grandchildren.’ Marcus Grodi knows this truth, and his drama follows the lines of the art that made the world. Here, in Pillar and Bulwark, is providence, with all its patterns and surprises, drawing lives together even as it seems to push them apart. God’s drama keeps us turning the calendar pages from day to day. That rare novelist who successfully imitates God will also keep us turning pages. This book is a page-turner.” Mike Aquilina

“Marcus Grodi, a Christian man for all Seasons and all Media has written another  thriller set in the world that he knows intimately , the world of spiritual struggle in the setting of Family and Faith that does not leave space for easy choices. You the reader may well find yourself in this compelling novel.” Fr. C. J. McCloskey III is a priest and prolific writer. He is a fellow of the Faith and Reason Institute in Washington, D.C.

“Marcus has written an engaging story with a vital message. The characters will come alive because they reflect in a novel manner the real experiences of real people! Rather than spoil the story for you, let me just urge you to buy and read a copy. Like me, you will enjoy it so much you will want to pass it along to a friend.” David B Currie

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