Newman to Converts: An Existential Ecclesiology

By: Stanley Jaki February 20, 2015 3 Comments

A unique collection and study of the instructions Blessed John Henry Newman gave in letters to potential converts. Newman’s emphasis on such “conservative” notions as the obviousness of the four Notes of the Church — a Church which, in his eyes, was the one true fold of salvation — should prove uncomfortable to today’s proponents of dubious innovations in Catholic ecclesiology.

  • Lynn Fiedler

    Why was the deacon wearing a collar? I went back on the video and never found an explanation. Thank you!

    • OnlyOne001

      Lynn, in the Catholic Church, not only priests, but also deacons and seminarians have the right — and often the obligation — to wear a clerical collar. It identifies their vocation.

    • Lynn Fiedler

      Thank you. That’s what I love about being Catholic- I learn something new every day!

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