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How Firm a Foundation (Novel)

By: Marcus Grodi February 22, 2015 No Comments

A novel by Marcus Grodi. 

Stephen LaPointe believed in Jesus. For him, the Bible was the only sufficient, firm foundation for his life. He wanted to obey God in all things, and had given up a career to become an ordained minister. He loved to preach the Word and knew that one day he would stand before God, accountable for everything he preached. But there was one problem: How could he be certain that what he was preaching was true? Sara LaPointe never wanted this role, but she loved Stephen. So, through his encouragement and tutelage, she had become both an enthusiastic Evangelical and an effective pastor’s wife – at least in the eyes of the congregation. But would the gnawing guilt of a past mistake – a mistake she would never reveal to her husband – ever let her go? And then there was Walter. He, too, believed in Jesus. He, too, loved the Bible and vowed to do whatever God called him to do. But what if this was the unthinkable? The sequel, Pillar and Bulwark, can be purchased by clicking here.

Also, available in Kindle (e-book) format by clicking here.

Also, available in hardcover by clicking here.

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